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I ♥ Angus Young

I wanna live in this beautiful little place in Austria later.

All the anger and frustration and sadness I get over the year because of stupid people and stupid things that must be done, just gets washed away that long week I’m here. Everyone is so nice to you, complete strangers who just talk to you or help you, it makes me so happy and appreciate life and people again.



i love when the supernatural fandom adds a shitty gif to some random fuckin post and then act like they own the place


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Oh my god it’s so beautiful. I understand that you cried haha ! Keep rockin’ my dear ;)

who could have thought a guitar could be so beautiful right! Thanks, keep rockin as well!


I think that if they make abortion illegal, they should make men deserting women who they got pregnant illegal as well. Because if a woman can’t back out of a pregnancy a man shouldn’t be able to either.

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Finding a typo in a book


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have-some-courtesy said: I’m drooling on my laptop’s screen.

imagine what happened when I finally got my hands on this thing

I cried


no i’m not gonna lend you my pencil because if i lend you my pencil then you’ll want my calculator and then you’ll want austria and czechoslovakia and then you’ll end up invading poland and i will not have that shit

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