always carry yourself with the confidence you would have if you just slept with your fave rock star

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Jimmy’s floral black shirt.


❝I don’t make a habit of listening to our old records, and I don’t study it with any conscious effort to construct any continuity. We wing it all the way. I go into the studio with no songs at all, and as long as Charlie and Bill and Ronnie think I know what I’m doing, I’ll just hammer out some riff, and if the drums pick up and the bass drops in, then maybe we’ve got something. The Stones rely on that total feel; the rest of it is just salad dressing.❞ ― Keith Richards on his songwritting.

© Photos by Ken Regan, at artist Andy Warhol’s home in 1975 in Montauk, New York.

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Ok so some AC/DC New Album page on Facebook just posted the new album will come out on December 1st. No sources though and nothing on the band’s site either. Really hope this is true though


Complimenting my friends like


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I’m sure I saw the love of my life today because he looked exactly like 1964 Keith Richards and he was playing in a band but he only walked passed me and i watched him perform and then he left and I don’t think I’ll ever see him again but random keith richards dude: you are awesome

I’m not sad though I had an amazing day with my best friend and some great bands omg I want this like every day


Mick on tour bowling, 1965

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